My name is Jiaxiao (Joe) Zhou, and I also go by Mossaka. I love building things that make developers’ lives easier πŸ’™.

I’m currently working at Microsoft’s DeisLabs as a Software Engineer. Here are three tags that say a lot about my career

  • Open Source
  • WebAssembly
  • Rust

I’m a maintainer of Containerd’s Runwasi project, a lower-level OCI runtime for running WebAssembly workloads, DeisLabs’ Containerd Wasm Shims, and SpiderLightning. I am also a Recognized Contributor in the Bytecode Alliance.

Outside of work, I’ve probably best known for running online meetups that focus on distributed systems, database, OSes and merging cloud native technologies.

Below are a few activities that you may find interesting:


I enjoy sharing knowledge with other developers in the form of public speaking. I’ve spoken at a number of conferences and meetups, including:

You may find the full list of my talks at my Youtube channel here.


I run a number of Chinese meetups that focus on distributed systems, database, operating systems and cloud–native technologies. You can find the full list of meetups that I run here. Send me an email if your interested in hearing more about the group.

You may find me online at: